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The social commitment of the mountaineer and guest speaker, Gabriel Filippi, is well known for, among other things, his unwavering support for the cause of organ donation. According to Filippi, “many ‘mountains’ are as high as Everest, among them, the endless wait for an organ transplant.”

Climbing for the Cause

Filippi's interest in the cause of organ donation dates back several years. In 2003, he became the leader of the Cordée du cœur expedition. With a multidisciplinary team, he achieved a world first: bringing Sylvain Bédard, a heart transplant recipient, to the highest peak in the French Alps, Mont Blanc (4,810 m).
This expedition was followed by more than 10 million Canadians and helped promote organ donation, in addition to giving hope to thousands of people waiting for a transplant, not only in Quebec, but also across Canada.
In 2015, he agreed to become the ambassador climber for the Chain of Life Challenge for the Montreal region. Then, in May 2019, with all the will and wisdom of the great climber he is, Filippi reached the summit of Everest for the third time with the Chain of Life flag, and the very next day, he reached the top of Lhotse, another 8,000-metre peak, in less than 24 hours. A remarkable achievement!

As well, a month later, in June 2019, Filippi reached a third peak: Denali in Alaska (6,190 m.) with, once again, the Chain of Life flag. For this experienced climber, each mountain represents a great opportunity to support a cause close to his heart!

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The value of a man resides in what he gives and not in what he is capable of receiving.

Albert Einstein

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