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Mountains and Transplants: A Good Parallel

Climbers carry the Chain of Life flag to great heights!


Waiting for a transplant is a bit like climbing a mountain. Both require preparation, fortitude, determination, perseverance and most importantly, solid support—the climber needs strong rope partners and the person waiting for an organ transplant needs a reliable support network. Both challenges are very real.

This is of sorts why the mountain has become a symbol of Chain of Life.

By planting the Chain of Life flag at the top of a mountain, you are showing solidarity for the cause of organ and tissue donation and contributing to the visibility of Chain of Life.

Upon returning from your expedition, send us a photo taken at the top with the flag to share on our site.

To request our flag

If you wish to take our flag with you on your next expedition, do not hesitate to contact us.

Please note that flags are $100. This covers production costs and includes a $50 donation in your name.

The Chain of Life Flag Flies High!