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Organ and tissue donation education:

Youth made aware
Well-informed families
More lives saved

Family discussions
Défi Chaîne de vie 2023


October 14-15, 2023

Chain of Life Challenge

The Chain of Life Challenge is a large gathering held simultaneously at the foot of several mountains, rallying together all those touched, directly or indirectly, by organ and tissue donation, to support Chain of Life as part of World Organ Donor and Transplant Day.

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Chain of Life is a recognized charity whose mission is to educate youth aged 15–17 about organ and tissue donation and lead them to becoming ambassadors of family discussions.

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News about Chain of Life and Organ and Tissue Donation

Did You Know...?

Just a little over 1% of the population dies under conditions that are favorable for organ donation.

Each year, about about 800 people await a transplantation in Quebec. Unfortunately, about 30 of them die because they don’t receive an organ in time.

The vast majority of countries will only proceed with a transplant upon receiving consent from the family. This is true in Spain, the country with the highest donor rates in the world.

Organ donation education, a key link in the chain of life.

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A Healthy Body


A Healthy Body

In a healthy body, each organ has an extraordinary role to play. Like the instruments in a large symphony orchestra, they all harmonize together to make up the amazing human body.

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Chain of Life Programs


Chain of Life Programs

The Chain of Life programs are comprised of complete educational toolkits to teach 15- to 17-year-olds about organ and tissue donation during their English classes.

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Do you take the cause to heart?

We have a place for you! An invitation to support Chain of Life by becoming involved.

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