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Climb for Education About Organ and Tissue Donation

October 14-15, 2023

What is the Chain of Life Challenge?

The Chain of Life Challenge is a large gathering where everyone in the donation chain comes together to support Chain of Life, a unique educational program designed to make our 15 to 17 year-olds ambassadors for family discussions about organ and tissue donation.

Every year, on the World Day for Organ and Tissue Transplantation, doctors, nurses, transplant recipients, donor families, teachers, students, elite climbers and public personalities gather at the foot of some fifteen mountains simultaneously, creating a movement that unites all those directly or indirectly affected by organ donation. The general public is also invited to join in.


The Chain of Life Challenge pays tribute to donor families

This year, we are particularly moved to honour donor families. By agreeing to donate the organs and tissues of a loved one, these families have enabled many others to regain their health or have a second chance at life. They are vital links in the donation chain and we are deeply grateful for their ultimate gesture of generosity.

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Thank you to our partner!

Isabelle et Thierry

Isabelle Maréchal and Thierry Houillon, patrons of the Chain of Life Challenge

Producer, journalist, editorialist and host, Isabelle was made acutely aware of the importance of organ donation when the life of her husband, Thierry Houillon, a well known businessman, was saved by a liver transplant. It is with great gratitude that they invite you to join them in taking on the Chain of Life Challenge on a local mountain.

News About the Chain of Life Challenge