An Organization with a Heart

Chain of Life is a registered charity whose main mission is to support the éducation programs with the same name.

These programs educate 15 to 17 year olds about organ and tissue donation.

They bring together the fields of health and education with a message of hope for those awaiting a transplant. They allow our young people to make an informed personal decision about organ and tissue donation. They then become ambassadors for family discussion on this important social issue.

Our Vision

That the Chain of Life program be taught in all secondary schools in Quebec, and elsewhere even, in order to contribute to saving more lives by leveraging the power of young people as actors of change.

Our Mission

  • Educate 15 to 17 year olds about organ and tissue donation and make them ambassadors of family discussion in order to ultimately save more lives.
  • Help young people and the general public realize the inestimable value of a healthy body and the importance of taking care of it.

Our Values


Chain of Life is an education program that raises awareness that a society functions better when everyone contributes to the collective well-being.


Chain of Life helps young people and the general population realize the value of a healthy body and the importance of taking care of it.


The decision to donate one’s organs and tissues is a precious and generous gift.

Personal and Social Responsibility

Students are led to make a personal and informed decision regarding organ and tissue donation. By sharing this decision in a family discussion, they become ambassadors for family discussion, ultimately helping to save lives.

Lucie Dumont

A Word from the Founding President

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Our Story

“Chain of Life is a work of passion and perseverance that captivates the hearts of all who are familiar with it. "

If Chain of Life exists and flourishes today, it is because there were people who believed in it. Dedicated and determined people, whose passion and perseverance never wavered since its very beginning in 2007.

Chain of Life's story contains many beautiful moments of synchronicity — incredible facts and events marked by generosity.

A unique story