The Chain of Life training session is for Secondary IV and V English teachers in both the public and private sectors, in both francophone and anglophone schools.

This session, which lasts a full day, prepares teachers to teach the Chain of Life program.

In addition to presenting a good overview of the material and an approach to follow, this training answers several questions, helps allay any fears and puts teachers in networks.

The educational kit is distributed free of charge to participants during the training. It’s a dynamic session that has received incredible comments from everyone.

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What Teachers Think About the Chain of Life Training Session

This workshop was everything it promised to be… and so much more. There is so much significant material that is ready to use and will inspire your students in ways you can’t even imagine yet. Chain of life is a journey that will open up all kinds of new horizons for them. Don’t miss this opportunity!

Nicolas Tremblay Nicolas Tremblay
École secondaire Hormisdas-Gamelin

It was more than a workshop for me, it was a life-changing experience. Thanks, and rest assured that you have put Chain of Life in good hands!

Heather Gordon Heather Gordon
Polyvalente Montignac

The best workshop I have ever attended. This LES can really make a difference in the lives of our students and their families. Teachers receive ready to use material that is engaging and can make a difference…

Thomas Fragman Thomas Fragman
École secondaire Le Prélude

What a pleasure it was to participate in the Chain of Life workshop, a very moving workshop, rich in meaning. I plan on presenting the LES to my students next fall. I know they will love it

Julie Grégoire Julie Grégoire
Polyvalente de Black Lake

A “Wow” Training Session

Ana-Rosa Chois, who teaches at École secondaire de Mortagne, gives us a touching testimonial following the Chain of Life training session received as part of an OBI conference. The training session is offered to all Secondary IV and V English teachers, both in the private and public sectors.

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