Heading towards the summit

As we stop to reflect upon what we have achieved in 2014, we also see many exciting challenges ahead in for CHAIN OF LIFE!


Through the incredible support and generosity of everyone involved in the project, CHAIN OF LIFE was officially launched last April to show how the values of compassion, altruism and solidarity are woven into the education unit and explain how its purpose of educating young people and their families about organ donation in order to make an informed decision can indeed make a difference. In 2015, our on-going goal is to continue to deliver this gift to as many school boards, teachers and students as possible throughout Quebec.


During the latter part of 2014, our efforts focused largely on honing our material and on presenting training sessions in several regions of Quebec as an essential way of delivering the unit. It is imperative that CHAIN OF LIFE be viewed as a continuing movement, rather than something that can simply be “shipped out” and left to survive on its own.


During the training sessions, teachers learn how to make the most of the unit and they become competent in a subject that is often avoided for lack of knowledge…  Moreover, they come to accept the responsibility and to appreciate the privilege they can have in informing students about organ donation and encouraging health and social commitment through the celebration of life. Their response has been amazing! The way in which CHAIN OF LIFE treats this delicate, yet crucial, topic is uplifting and it shows teachers -- and students and parents-- that something must be done to raise organ donation awareness and that the way to do it is through education. In 2015, we will continue our training sessions across Quebec and begin to look at ways to present the project in private schools and as an ethics unit in the Anglophone sector.


2015 will also see the second edition of the “CHAIN OF LIFE” Challenge, due to be launched in April to coincide with National Organ Donation Week. First introduced last October under the name “The 1047 Challenge” this fund-raising event was so named as a message of hope to the 1047 people across Quebec who were on the waiting list for a transplant at that time. This challenge aims to raise money for the training sessions and teaching resources by challenging groups or individuals to climb the mountain, hill or stairs of their choice. In addition to raising money for the project, the challenge promotes the values at the very heart of CHAIN OF LIFE since it encourages people to be active and it demonstrates how the rarity of our organs makes it so very important to keep them healthy. Several people have already taken part in the challenge, showing that CHAIN OF LIFE is more than “a project” -- It is, in fact, a movement in which unity and solidarity are key factors.


The CHAIN OF LIFE movement is becoming well established in Quebec and we are veryexcited to see it also extended to Ireland! In Ireland, where in 2014, December 11 was proclaimed a day committed to encouraging family discussion on organ donation, it is clear that our belief that education plays a key role in encouraging discussion about organ donation is both shared and making an impact.


It took many years to get to base camp and in 2014, we joined camp 1. We still have several camps to reach before the summit and it is with great enthusiasm that I invite you to join us and be part of this wonderful journey and in creating a movement that not only celebrates health, but one that ultimately saves lives.


Lucie Dumont

Founder and Coordinator



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