“Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.”

Victor Hugo

June 6, 2013, is a day I’ll never forget…


I was having lunch with my husband when my cell phone rang. It was Brigitte Junius, head of communication services and public relations for Transplant Québec. I dashed outside to get better reception… My heart was pounding. Even before she had said a single word, I knew that the CHAIN OF LIFE dream was about to take flight after seven long years.

“Desjardins has just given its okay!” she told me.


I began jumping and dancing around like a child… I was ecstatic!


But, at the same time, my whole body was shaking because of the enormous challenge that lay ahead. We would have to push the CHAIN OF LIFE project even further and make it accessible to all Sec. IV ESL teachers in Quebec. There was an incredible amount of work left to be done: create the logo and promotional material, design a new website, write and produce the final version of the educational material with videos, audio texts, and so on… But at least, we were no longer on our own.


We had already established solid ties with Transplant Québec; now Desjardins was pledging their support.


As well, because of this new partnership, I would be able to honour a promise I had made a few years back…


In 2008, just two weeks before her death, I had spoken with Diane Hébert. (Ms. Hébert was the first double heart-lungs transplant recipient. Her transplant had allowed her to live 25 years longer.) During the course of our conversation, I had promised her to see CHAIN OF LIFE to fruition and to make it available in schools all across Quebec. It was her strength that inspired me and kept me going despite any pitfalls along the way.


I must add that I also had the good fortune of being seconded by an extraordinary team of competent and dedicated people. They are too numerous to mention in this text, but a special place has been set aside for them on the website. Without them, CHAIN OF LIFE would never have seen the light of day. Because of them, a dream became reality.


The educational section of the CHAIN OF LIFE project is designed first and foremost for teachers who wish to raise their students’ awareness about organ donation and the importance of discussing this subject with their families. It also aims to help students appreciate the wonder of the human body and to promote a healthy life style. In short, it is a celebration of life!


After seven years of hard work and commitment, I am very proud to present the CHAIN OF LIFE project. As Jean Monnet, one of the founders of the European Union has said, “When an idea meets the needs of its time, it escapes its creators and becomes much more powerful than those who thought of it.” This is so very true of CHAIN OF LIFE.


It is all together – teachers, students, parents and all those who become part of our giant human chain – that we shall save lives and celebrate the most precious gift of all: the gift of life!


Lucie Dumont

Founder and Coordinator